Professional Quantity Takeoff and Estimation Services

QTO Estimating is one of the leading construction estimating services provider. We are a team of experienced engineers and quantity estimators having extensive experience in material takeoff of all kinds of construction projects. These include residential and commercial building construction as well as renovation projects.

Our estimators are well qualified and we offer accurate quantity takeoff services using latest construction estimator softwares like PlanSwift. You will get breakdown of all material required along with quantities in MS Excel sheet categorized according to CSI divisions. You just put the unit price and get the cost estimate for your project.

quantity takeoff

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QTO Estimating provides accurate quantity takeoffs/material estimates with quick turnaround.

Quantity Takeoff/Estimating Services List

Earthwork, Site Demolition, Utilities, Site Concrete, Asphalt pavement, Concrete pavement, Landscaping, Structural Excavation, Structural Concrete, Reinforcing & Metals, Structural Steel, Waterproofing, Pavement markings.

Ceiling, Flooring, Wall Panels, Carpentry, Insulation, Windows, Doors, Frames & Hardware installation, Metal Framing, Drywall, Acoustical, FRP, Toilet partitions, Fixture installations and Painting quantity takeoffs.

Face Brick work, Roof Replacement, Parapet walls, Lintel replacement, Painting, Terracotta work, Lime Stone panels, Windows replacement, AC installation, Ornamental stones and other exterior renovation work.

Quantity Estimation Services
Quantity Takeoff Sheet


Our professional estimators do the quantity takeoffs using PlanSwift and provide you the quantities in MS Microsoft excel sheets with each item categorized  according to CSI divisions. So all you need to do is to enter the unit prices and estimated cost of whole project.


Our engineers are well experienced in general construction works. We can help you win more projects by offering precise estimate of your project. With our estimates, you will be able to bid with confidence and grow business.


Soon we will be offering free construction leads for general contractors. We will provide your information about upcoming tenders & construction projects in your area including bid dates, project drawings, specifications and addeda. This will help you bidding on right project by having all the information. Stay Tuned!